It was a very different world in 1951, when along with 40 or so other graduates from the Brothers’ grade schools in NYC, I traveled from Grand Central Station to join the Brothers in Barrytown NY, there attending high school and the Brothers’ Novitiate. Then on to Catholic University in Washington, graduating in 1960 with a major in French.

My teaching career started with 5th grade at Sacred Heart School in the Bronx, then high school at St. Joseph’s in West New York and Cardinal Spellman in the Bronx. During summers, I earned an MA in Spanish. In 1971, I continued my studies at the University of Madrid while teaching at Colegio Las Maravillas.

Returning to the States, I became Vice Principal of La Salle Academy, New York. I was next assigned as Principal of Paramus Catholic in New Jersey for eight years. During that time, I was also allowed to spend a semester attending a Lasallian Formation Session in Rome.

1984 began a new chapter for me at the New York District Provincialate, six years as Auxiliary and another six as Provincial/Visitor. I also participated in two General Chapters in Rome. Years later, in 2009, I returned as Assistant Provincial/Visitor in the newly formed District of Eastern North America (DENA). These years of getting to know the Brothers and the ministries of our District more deeply were a true blessing.
Another incredible chapter in my journey as a Brother were the six amazing years as Vice President of Bethlehem University. I believe that living in Bethlehem and working with young Palestinians was the most spiritually uplifting time of my life. It is a true Lasallian ministry.

Now at 86, I am happily serving our retired, infirm Brothers at De La Salle Hall in Lincroft NJ. It has been a long journey since I left Grand Central Station in 1951, but it has also been a great and rewarding journey. I could not have done it without God’s grace and the strong support of family, friends, and Brothers.