With you, our mission continues!

Our Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, would tell his Brothers that they must continue to pray, and rely on God’s providence to sustain their mission. Today, God’s providence shines on the Brothers through you. It is through the ongoing support of our Lasallian family that this continuing mission, to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor, remains strong, even during trying times.

Your gift helps to address a wide range of essential needs that our District office addresses: including assisting our schools through Lasallian training and workshops for faculty, administrators and board members; providing financial assistance to those students with the greatest hardship; recruiting and training our new Brothers; supporting our local Brothers serving in foreign ministries; and, of course, providing care for our elder and infirm Brothers.

Thank you for caring about the Brothers and those we serve.

Mail-in donations:

Download this form
Make check payable to
Christian Brothers,
and mail to:
Development Office
Christian Brothers
PO Box 238
Lincroft NJ 07738-0238

Questions or prefer
to give by phone?

Contact Patrick at donahue@fscdena.org
or call (732) 380-7926 and
ask for Development.

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