Designating Your Gift

Wherever the Need is Greatest

Your unrestricted gift offers the Christian Brothers the ability to respond to all of the designations listed below, and to other urgent needs that may arise. A gift directed to our greatest need is also a vote of confidence in our Lasallian educational mission.

Tuition Assistance for Disadvantaged Students

The St. John Baptist de La Salle Fund seeks to ensure a Christian Brothers education is accessible to students most significantly in need. This specially dedicated fund was established by the Brothers to provide aid for students from the worst economic circumstances throughout our District. Without our help, these youngsters could not receive a quality Lasallian education.

San Miguel Schools

Our San Miguel schools are non-tuition-driven middle schools serving students from extremely economically depressed areas. They feature Lasallian, faith-based education, extended day and extended year programs, family involvement, and graduate support. Our students have tremendous success rates. Since the families pay only what they can afford, a majority of the cost is covered by your generosity.

Retired & Infirm Brothers

Gifts in support of our retired and infirm Brothers are a wonderful expression of gratitude for their lives of educational service to youth. Please help us continue to provide excellent care and dignified retirement for these men that have dedicated their lives to generations of Lasallians. We currently have 3 facilities for our retired Brothers, located in Maryland, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

Formation of New Brothers

The recruitment, education, and formation of young Brothers continues. These young men who have chosen a life of service will help us continue our Christian Brother tradition, and serve as a guiding force in our Lasallian educational and social service ministries.

Overseas Ministries

The Brothers of our district serve the educational needs of youth in a number of overseas and foreign ministries. A gift to support our foreign ministries not only increases our ability to serve youth but also helps with the formation of young Brothers locally in these countries.