It stuns me how often people ask, “Are you still a Brother?” Why wouldn’t I be? Blessedly, being a Christian Brother for 43 years and counting works for me! If it’s not broke, why fix it?

Despite the potential nomadic aspect of Religious Life, I served principally in three places. Twice I served at my alma mater, West Catholic. Four years teaching before the two West Catholic high schools combined. I now assist at West with Lasallian Formation and Animation. Twice I served at the now closed Saint Gabriel’s Hall, first, as a childcare worker then as an administrator and eventual Director of the residential program. For ten years and later as Board chair, I served in shared collaboration with the Oblate Sisters of Providence at Saint Frances Academy in Baltimore MD.

When asked, which is your favorite apostolic assignment, my response remains the same. I appreciatively value each one for its unique experience and respective contribution to my professional developmental portfolio as a Minister of God’s Grace. One highlight ministering experience was facilitating the end of the year Debriefing Retreats for the Lasallian Volunteer Program, which eventually led to my serving as an Accompanier of Young Lasallian Professionals for the District.

My “doing” has decreased while my intensity of “being” has increased. As an only child, presence to accompanying my aging parents would have been an impossible challenge if not for the fraternal support of the Brothers. My father at 95 died contented and at peace. I continue trying to provide attentive presence that my mother needs in gratitude for what she and my father enabled me to do and be, an appreciative Brother of the Christian Schools, for 43 years and counting!